Michael Martinez writes for many Websites. Here is a selection of sites where you can read his articles about various topics.

Middle-earth & J.R.R. Tolkien Blog

Like the old Suite101 column, the Middle-earth blog has found a large following among online fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s books and Peter Jackson’s movies. Many Websites cite articles on the Middle-earth blog as authoritative resources for resolving complicated or controversial fannish questions. Nearly all of Michael’s old Suite101 essays have been republished here.

SEO Theory

Launched in 2006, the SEO Theory blog has published more than 1000 articles (most written by Michael) explaining how the searchable Web ecosystem works, evaluating common SEO beliefs and practices, and making provocative calls to action on the basis of projections of industry trends. SEO Theory opposed many failed practices that were made popular by other blogs including PageRank Hoarding, PageRank Sculpting, and rampant Guest Blogging (to name just a few topics that have led to widespread SEO problems for Websites).

Michael also documented one of the first true recoveries from Google’s Panda algorithm in mid-2011 on the SEO Theory blog; his research into the Panda algorithm remains unparalleled.

Web Hosting Services

Based on years of experience in managing and configuring accounts on many different Web hosting services, Michael Martinez and his partner Randy Ray share tips and tutorials on how to set up and manage Websites.


The original Xenite.Org was a megasite published in hand-coded HTML format. At one point there were over 50,000 pages of content on the site. In 2011 Michael converted Xenite to a WordPress site so that he could experiment with new Website ideas. Xenite.Org remains the heart of the great network of Websites that Michael has helped build through the years. Many of the sites you see Michael launch began as ideas that were spun off from Xenite.Org. Things are a bit untidy around the root domain these days, but you can still read a lot of interesting content.

SF Fandom Blog

SF Fandom is the home to one of the Web’s oldest science fiction and fantasy communities. You can browse the SciFi Forums here. But Michael Martinez also shares his thoughts about science fiction and fantasy TV shows and movies on the main blog.

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Reflective Dynamics Blog

Reflective Dynamics, Inc. is the SEO agency that Michael co-founded with his friend Randy Ray, who made a name for himself by building a successful gambling affiliate network in the mid-2000s. Through Reflective Dynamics Michael and Randy have worked with Websites of all sizes and consulted with some of the leading content publishers on the Internet. The Reflective Dynamics Blog intentionally publishes “hands on” and “how to” articles, leaving the theory for the other blog.

The Tolkien Society

In 2014 Sean Gunner, President of the Tolkien Society, oversaw a complete redesign of the society’s Website. As part of his new vision Sean has invited Tolkien scholars from around the world to contribute to the blog. Michael is now one of the semi-regular contributors to the society blog.

Tolkien Studies on the Web

In 2006, realizing there was no comprehensive resource to document all the reliable Websites that teach interested fans about J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle-earth, Michael set out to create such a resource. And so Tolkien Studies on the Web was born. But the site also includes a blog where Michael has occasionally published his own research and ideas.

The SEO Theorist

Michael originally started the SEO Theory blog while working for an SEO agency. The agency owned the blog. When his time with the agency came to an end Michael launched the SEO Theorist blog to be his new SEO podium. But as his former employer was moving away from the SEO business Michael was able to gain ownership of the SEO Theory domain and all the articles he had written for it through the years. The SEO Theorist became a backup blog where Michael republished articles from other sites that have since gone offline. He still writes occasional new articles for this blog, too.

Top Ten Topia

The premise behind “Top Ten Topia” is that you can write interesting, informative articles on a Website without breaking them up into annoying segments (a process called “pagination”). When Michael was invited to write Tolkien articles for Top Ten Topia he gladly accepted the challenge.

Gaming Websites Today

Everyone loves games and there are games for everyone. Across the years Michael Martinez has helped launch and manage, or written articles for Websites devoted to gaming. And there are Websites in the Xenite.Org and Reflective Dynamics networks that feature gaming articles. But how do you share all this great content in one nice, neat, concise format? Maybe by designing a gaming Websites portal. So that is what Michael and his partner Randy Ray did: designed a gaming Websites portal. Check it out. You’ll find links to Websites about board games, card games, and gambling games.

Save The Seeker

When the popular TV show Legend of the Seeker was discontinued in 2010 Michael joined thousands of fans in campaigning for a new home for the show. Although Seeker fans remain disappointed despite several attempts to bring the show back, Michael continues to support the fandom wih occasional news and promotional campaigns.